Welcome to Kericho County's Online Job Application Portal.

The Kericho County Public Service Board has automated job application process to reach out to many skilled and qualified applicants and also to ensure that there is transparency and equality in recruitment.

We are guided by the Kenyan Constitution Chapter 13 - The Public Service. Applicants are highly encouraged to register and apply for jobs when vacancies are available.

Online Job Application: In need of a job? Create your account today and apply for the available vacancies.
PSB - Job Market Aim: Our aim is to reduce the level of unemployment in our County by creating job opportunities for the unemployed.

High standards of professional ethics

(1) Every public officer shall maintain high, standards of professional ethics.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), a public officer maintains high standards of professional ethics if that public officer—
(a) is honest ;
(b) displays high standards of integrity in that officer's dealings;
(c) is transparent when executing that officer's functions;
(d) can account for that officer's actions;
(e) is respectful towards others;
(f) is objective;
(g) is patriotic; and
(h) observes the rule of law.

And that is what we, the Kericho County Public Service Board (PSBKERICHO) are exactly complying to.

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